Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Welcome, New Readers!

Thank you to all of the new visitors that recently visited my blog. Ever since I posted this yesterday on my personal blog, I have gotten a steep increase in traffic. Thank you to all of you who have shared this blog on Facebook, Twitter, and other media. I am so grateful for all of your kind words and encouragement towards this fun endeavor. I truly appreciate each and every one of your comments!

And remember, I love getting suggestions, or ehem, snoggestions!  
  • Is there something that you would love to see a post on? 
  • Do you have ideas of how to make the blog better? 
  • Would you like to do a guest post? 
  • Do you have a link to a great Betsy-Tacy resource? 
Please share your ideas! 

I plan on posting one or two times per week, so stay tuned for lots more to come!


  1. How fun - I'll be checking back in often to see what you're posting! I love Betsy-Tacy and am happy to have shared the series with my daughter now, too. A post on the discussion of Betsy in Spite of Herself in the latest Mother-Daughter Bookclub book might be neat.

  2. Thank you for stopping by! How fun that you now get to share these books with your daughter. :)

    Great suggestion about the Mother-Daughter Book Club books. Those are next on my list of books to read and hopefully I will get a post up about the Betsy one. I've heard that it is a great series!

  3. A post about the fashions of the time would be interesting. I always wonder about shirtwaists and pompadours.

  4. That's something I've always wondered about too! I'll have to do some research and then post about it. Thanks for the idea!

  5. What a wonderful idea for a blog! I just adore these books. It would be really fun if you did sort of a take on annotating the books, along the lines of "The Annotated Alice," which explains lots of the references in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.