Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blog Things: Amazon Links, New Poll, Page Numbers, and More

Here are just a few blog things that I wanted to mention.

This picture is from the B-T Convention website. I hope they
don't mind that I used it. I thought it was very clever! {Source}
The original, unaltered image appears in Betsy Was a Junior.

Betsy-Tacy Convention 2012 

Speaking of the Betsy-Tacy Convention,  I have added a banner to the sidebar to spread the word about this. You can visit the website for lots more information.

Amazon Associate Links

I set up an Amazon Associate account. I don't actually expect to make money on this, but I wanted some way to display a link to where new readers could buy the books. You will now notice the Betsy-Tacy and Deep Valley books listed in the right column. I contacted the Betsy-Tacy Society to say that I would be happy to post the links to their account, but I never heard back from them. I do encourage you to support them also, if you plan on buying something. Just so you know, clicking through these links does not add any additional charge to the items.

A New Poll

I set up the first poll on here. You will notice that on the top right. The question is: "Which man was right for Betsy?" In other words: who do you think she should have ended up with, or are you pleased with how things turned out? Several people have already voted and I am a bit surprised at the loyalty to Joe. I thought there were some diehard Tony fans out there. Or Marco? Don't get me wrong; I like Joe and I think he was right for Betsy…but what do you think?

I realized I accidentally left Dave Hunt off of the poll. I can't fix it now because there are already votes. Hopefully no one was planning on picking him! If you were, just click 'Other' and leave a comment on this post with your selection. Or if you had someone else in mind that I overlooked, you can do the same thing. Feel free to write and comment on this post why you chose who you did!

Giveaway Winner Announced

The giveaway has ended and I have contacted the winner. Thank you all for participating, and for your great suggestions!

A Note About Page Numbers

You may have mentioned that I try to source any quotations given from the B-T or Deep Valley books. I debated about which page numbers to use, and eventually decided on the latest editions of the books from Harper Perennial (because those are the ones that I own). The only draw-back to this  is that all of these volumes except Emily of Deep Valley have bound together two or more of the books. This makes it confusing when pointing out page numbers because the earlier single editions will have a different number (I hope that made sense). I really wish they had restarted pagination for each book, even if they are bound together. Alas, they did not. The point of mentioning this is if you go to look up or read more about a section I mentioned, it might not line up with the edition you have (unless you have the latest printing). I know this is confusing, so if you have a question be sure to let me know. (Note: I went back and corrected previous posts that used different editions. All quotes on this blog should now be from the most recent printing of the Betsy-Tacy and Deep Valley books. These are the editions linked in the right column.)

Does Anyone Know What This Is?

I came across this the other day in my random searching for Betsy-Tacy things. Are they zines or something? They look interesting! (If you click on one it shows the contents.) I am especially intrigued by the "Betsy-Tacy Christmas" and Emily of Deep Valley ones. 

I think that covers it for now. Remember to vote in the poll!  : )


  1. I have those copies that you mentioned! Elspeth Young at Storybook Journal and her family put together these "magazines" each with a theme based on a piece of classic literature. They put in an incredible amount of research and work into those editions and they are a wonderful read, especially when they are about books/stories that you have always loved. Such talented and gracious people!

  2. Thank you! I'm glad someone knew what they were. They look beautifully done and researched. Are they still available for order?

  3. Yes, they are available. You can order a subscription or order individual journals, which is what I've done. There is even one one on Carney's House Party!